Sunday, December 23, 2012

Welcome back to Squidoo!

I have been a member on Squidoo since November 6 2011. I joined there with a wish to earn money so I can be a work at home mom. After creating my first page - Mom On A Squidoo Mission, I made 11 more lenses but left in January because of the health problems in the family. My baby boy had a lump on his neck, a thyroglossal duct cyst that needed to be operated as soon as possible. I was so scared! Surgery went well but he got bad burns on his legs from the machine that kept him worm during the procedure.We were in the hospital for over a month. Luckily,  recovery was fast and now he is a healthy 20 month old little boy.

During that time and a couple of months after, I concentrated on spending time with my kids. I didn't wrote a single page on Squidoo. I got back in November 2012, a year ago since I joined there. I was surprised to see that my Squidoo earnings reached 99$! While I was away, my Squidoo lenses were working for me. Maybe 99$ isn't a lot of money, but I saw a potential and decided to treat Squidoo like a real job.

This blog is about my journey of making money writing on Squidoo and I hope you will enjoy reading my posts. Merry Christmas to my friends on Squidoo and all the writers out there that are still looking for their path. Good luck!

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